Thursday, 2 January 2014

Real ale.

My Dad has always been a fan of real ale and I've inherited his passion. There's nothing better than going to an old fashioned pub and having a few tankards (!) of real ale. As you can imagine, I was delighted when Cottage Delight sent me a couple of bottles of their Great British beer to try.

The designs on the bottles are so cute; the illustrations have been given lots of thought and they would be perfect to give as gifts to beer lovers. We tried Fisherman's Tail first, which is a smooth dark stout. It was rich and creamy, with a lovely aftertaste. The taste testers (my dad and I) both loved it.

We then enjoyed Pleasure Beach, a strong ruby ale. Again, we both really enjoyed it. It was crisp yet smooth and had a nice aftertaste. We probably enjoyed Fisherman's Tail a little more, but wouldn't refuse another bottle of either. You can purchase them online from Cottage Delight. Thanks so much for sending them!

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  1. I have never tried red ale but would love to... Happ New Year!