Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Recent times.

Hello to my blog's number one fan (my Mum) and anyone who happens to stumble across this post.

I've had a little blogging hiatus or maybe it's been more of a blogger's block. I've been thinking a lot about what I want my blog to focus on and I definitely want it to contain a lot more of my own photography. These photos below are from my trusty iphone but I'll be using my Canon a lot more, especially when I have a little training from a friend. 

The first couple of photos are taken when I went for a wonderful walk in the pouring rain and loud thunderstorm that shook my little village. I love walking in the rain when I'm all wrapped up and to make things even better, there was a glorious sunset as a backdrop.

My Uncle took my Mum and I out to a beautiful restaurant on my favourite street - Hope Street. The photo doesn't do it complete justice but it overlooks charming Georgian terrace houses and cobbled streets.

Sometimes it's difficult to completely relax, but gardening really helps me chill out and seeing it flourish over the space of a year has been amazing.

My beautiful pink lupin.

Finally, I went to a really cool African music concert in a park not far from my house. The music was incredible, everybody was there to have a good time and I got to try authentic Jamaican food - saltfish and ackee! I didn't take any photos unfortunately but I managed a little instagram video which I've posted below. PS - if you're on Instagram, it'd be great if you checked mine out - sophie_rossetti

Thanks for reading x