Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sean Ono Lennon and The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger

It's definitely time for a little update on my life. Firstly, I went to watch a music video being shot and managed to take some photos. I will upload all of them in another post but for now, here's one of me wearing a headpiece from the carnival in Rio! It was like a jewelled eagle - so beautiful. I want one of my own! 

I also went to see Sean Ono Lennon perform with his band 'The Goast of a Saber Tooth Tiger'. I really didn't know what to expect - would he be talented in his own right or is his band getting publicity purely because of who his parents are? As soon as he came on stage, it felt surreal - he looked and sounded very much like his dad, John Lennon, as well as having his stage presence. He was really funny and down to earth, cracking a few jokes about his band name and how all the good names had been taken, like 'The Backstreet Boys'. His great sense of humour definitely comes from his scouse genes! He also had Yoko's traits, including her dance moves. His voice was truly incredible, his style and presence oozed coolness - not surprising really, but I was pleased at how talented he is in his own right and how he deserves to do well. I'd love to see him perform again. Here's a pic I took and a little video below of the song  'Animals' - it's a shame instagram only allow 15 second videos!