Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope you have a magical night. I'll post my pumpkin pics later!



I always find it really difficult to decide what to buy my Dad for Christmas. Every year the 25th of December comes and goes and the same gifts of real ale and socks are opened and greatly received but I can't help feeling guilty that I couldn't find anything a bit more special...

Until this year. 

I found the most beautiful cufflinks on Utterly Personal. It's a website which offers really unique, personalised gifts.   

I chose the etched oval letters cufflinks*, engraved with my Dad's initials.

They're made from stainless steel and are presented on an attractive Sonia Spencer high gloss lacquer box with contrast flip top lid.

I think they're a bargain at £18.99 especially as they're custom made to suit your requirements. (Pssst - I did a little Google search and Not on the High Street sell VERY similar ones for more than double the price!)

I think they're a really special gift and I can't wait to see his face on Christmas day. I know he'll love them as much as I do.

PS. They also sell the cutest personalised dog bowls with your doggy's name printed on. I am so tempted to get one for Millie! 



Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I'm totally j'adoring...

Established in 1981 in Edinburgh, this luxury retailer offers out of this world designer products.

I'm LOVING any kind of tartan this season and this Vivienne Westwood iPad case gives me an excuse to hop, skip and jump to the nearest Apple store!

Is anyone else grateful for smaller heels this season? Check out these beauties by 

If you thought things couldn't get any better, take a look at this Alexander McQeen cape...The autumnal colours adorning it are perfect for this season.


I hope you love these beauties as much as I do!



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Monday, 22 October 2012

Country Living

I live slap bang in the middle of the countryside and what I really love is taking Millie for walks to see all the lovely horses, ponies, chickens, peacocks (yes, there are peacocks here and they fly up into the trees which I never knew!) donkeys and unicorns (only joking about the donkeys!)


Hey Dad.


I heart this tree.

Millie wants us to get a move on! I really love this scarf, especially as my nan gave it to me. She got when she was a  teenager so it's from 1940's/ early 1950's. Thanks Nanny Mary! 

I'm off this week so it's nice being able to concentrate on blogging and reading lots of new blogs. Hope you're having a lovely week xxx



Friday, 19 October 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone - I hope you have a lovely weekend!

I thought I'd share a snap of a really cool photograph I found of Liverpool in the 1960's. I love all the neon lights and look at the cars! It would have been such an incredible time to live in the city with the emerging presence of the Beatles and amazing fashion trends!

John Lennon as a Teddy Boy - he was incredible.

One of my favourite songs - enjoy!



Tuesday, 16 October 2012

♡ Happy Birthday to my blog's number 1 fan! ♡

Happy Birthday to my Mum! This is a belated post because my her birthday was actually in September! As the post title indicates my Mum really is my number one fan and always tells me how much she loves my latest post. Obviously Mum's think their daughters are the best at everything but it also means the most coming from them.

So I'd just like to say a big THANK YOU Mum! Thanks for always reading my posts and being 100% supportive and encouraging! 

I took my Mum for Tapas straight after work for her birthday & we went home early and spent the rest of the night with the family celebrating.

If any of you are foodies like me, I always like to know what people are eating in their photos. We ordered pork fillet medallions cooked in a mustard coating and finished with a peppercorn sauce, Spanish omelette, smoked haddock fishcake served with horseradish and bacon crème fraîche, sea bass with prawns and garlic butter...all finished with chips (very Spanish of course) and mexican rice! Ooo and a big jug of sangria! I always think 'English' tapas restaurants can be a bit hit and miss but this was delicious!

My lovely Mum and Dad in their 20's!

I couldn't post this Florenza bracelet until I'd given it to my mum but I bought it online from an antique dealer in America and had it shipped over as my Mum's main present.

Hope you had a great day Mum!



Sunday, 7 October 2012

♡ Antonio Marras ♡

My favourite setting for the Spring/Summer 2013 shows had to be Antonio Marras' show in Milan. I'm a sucker for tea, cake, pretty colours and sugared almonds so this was right down my street! This would be my ideal afternoon....

Sugared almonds as a favour for every guest...

The sugary sweetness was reflected in the clothes. This dress is my favourite...

I'm going to make tea and cake now!

Sophie ♡♡♡♡