Friday, 18 May 2012

Rain rain go away

It's now May and it's still raining... what's going on?! Can anyone send some sun my way? Can't wait to go to Portugal for some lovely weather! Fingers crossed for some sun soon. On a brighter note, I went out tonight and enjoyed some gorgeous cocktails. Much love ♡♡♡ Sophie xxx

Running down to the beach in Portugal tying my hair up...unplanned photos are definitely the best.

Dress: In love with fashion
Earrings: Claudia Pink
Cameo ring: antique shop

Thursday, 10 May 2012

☮ Blog Crush ☮

As my blog is new-ish I've been reading and following lots of beautiful blogs to inspire me. I stumbled across Bonnie Strange's wonderful blog. Bonnie is a model and talented photographer. I spent so long looking at her amazing photographs. They are bold, bright and very different. The colours are so yummy. Love love love. 

Check her out:

Here are a few of my favs. 

Chocolate DOES make me a better person.

Aww doggy. I need to teach Millie chess. Like, now.  

This is the lady herself, who always has amazing rainbow hair:

♡ Sophie xxx

Friday, 4 May 2012

Harry Potter Geek Chic

Hello all, thought I'd put some pics up from a ball I went to a couple of months back. It was colllld, hence the fake fur. You can't fail to notice the huge snake ring which I love love love. One of my friends calls it my "Slytherin ring". I am a massive Harry Potter geek and to all you fellow fans I do know that Slytherin colours are green & silver and the sorting hat would definitely shout out "Gryffindor!!!" for me, however the ring's nickname has stuck :-)

It's from Claudia Pink, a jeweller from Liverpool, I have lots of her jewellery and always go to her shop if I'm looking for something different as she always makes beautiful, individual and unique pieces.

Faux fur jacket: H&M
Dress: Lipsy