Wednesday, 8 January 2014

A Shade Wilder

A Shade Wilder kindly sent me a beautiful white three wick candle called 'Serenity' and as the name suggests, it really is serene. As soon as I opened the box, a beautiful vanilla scent emerged and every visitor has been asking what the lovely smell was and that's even before it was lit. I thought I'd save it for a special day to light it and opted for Christmas day. Everybody commented on how gorgeous the house smelled and wanted to know where they could buy one.

I can't recommend it enough...You can buy the candle here and be sure to check out A Shade Wilder - They sell really cool pieces of art, wallpaper, mirrors, vases and much more. I have my eye on a few pieces for the house.

*Sent to me for review purposes


  1. The candle looks beautiful and must have such a nice scent! A great gift idea.

  2. Just found ur blog!! And I loved it .. Can u plz follow me bk ? Would be appreciated ❤️

  3. thats really nice!! :)


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