Monday, 30 September 2013

Back to uni

September has come round ridiculously quickly and those going back to uni will be on the hunt for clothes to wear for lectures. During sixth form, I had to wear a uniform so when I started university I was unsure of what to wear during the day. For those who are just about to start uni and are in the same predicament, then I can tell you there's no set style! Some people wear hoodies and jeans, whereas others are more into fashion and have raided the high street (with their student loan or parents' credit card!) My one tip is that you need to be comfortable! Flats are a must during the day - you may need to run across town or between lecture theatres so it's impractical and painful to wear heels! You don't know what the weather is going to be like in September either; one minute it's really warm and the next it's freezing or you're in an air conditioned lecture theatre so make sure you wear lots of layers.

F&F at Tesco let me choose a few items to show what I'd wear for my first week back.

I chose this dress because it's fashionable yet comfy and warm - the perfect combination for me! Quite a few people have complimented me on it and were shocked when they heard it was from F&F as they said it looks more expensive than £18! You don't need to spend a fortune on clothes - if you're strapped for cash, shop in the sales and use your student discount card. A large bag is also a necessity as you'll need to carry files, folders and heavy books. I manage to fit a lot in this and it has handy pockets inside for my phone and purse so I can find them easily. It's also a bargain at £15.

Excuse my dog - she's desperate to go and play with the animals on the other side of the hedge!

I also opted for this poncho because like I said before, it can be really cold so you'll need to take something warm with you. I'm so glad I chose it as it's so lovely, cuddly and warm!

The bag and dress are both sold out online. However, I have seen them both in store a couple of days ago. There is a similar version of the bag available in blue.

The poncho is available here.

To any newbies, it really is the best time of your life. Join clubs and societies, make lots of friends and have fun! Enjoy the social side of things but on a more serious note, make the most of the academic side as well, look out for each other and be safe when you're out and about in a new city.

Good luck! xxx


  1. My student days seem so long ago... I can only agree with your advice.
    Very nice outfit and the place where you live looks so beautiful and idyllic.

  2. These pictures are beautiful love your poncho!!

    Sincerely Miss Ash

  3. so pretty! maybe we can follow each other? let me know! <3

  4. This outfit is perfect for Autumn! :) xx

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    1. Thank you, I really like it too xxx

  6. Love your look, classic yet cute. Nice pictures and your dog SO cute too.

  7. so amazing place to take photos in and that dress are so gorgeous!,i love the way you combine that outfit, very classic and chic!

    anyway, have a great new week!

  8. i'm following you now, hope you follow me back :))

  9. i'm following you now, hope you follow me back :))

  10. Dress and poncho very nice!! You are fashion in that natural location. There is very armony and sweetness in the air...come on my blog!!

    1. That's really kind of you to say, thank you! xxx

  11. Really cute dress! I'm following you on GFC, really hope you follow me back! xx

  12. Amazing dress and you doggy is so cute.. awww. :)

  13. Love this outfit and the photos are so wonderful.

  14. Loved the outfit! Specilly the bag!

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