Sunday, 10 November 2013

Country life.

I love living in the countryside, it's perfect for taking Millie for walks, enjoying the peace and quiet and not having to worry about traffic or the hustle and bustle of the city.

I really need some clothes for taking Millie for walks in the winter. It's often freezing cold, rainy and windy. I made a little wish list of Barbour items which I think are perfect.

The wellington boots are perfect for winter, keeping legs nice and toasty and I'm loving tartan this season so it's the perfect combination. The same goes for the scarf, it'll keep me nice and warm whilst also hitting the tartan trend. I love how the jacket combines fashion and functionality; it's lovely to look at whilst being warm and waterproof. Last but not least, I can't forget Millie! The waxed dog coat will keep her warm and dry whilst being the most stylish dog around! 


    Its so cute how you've layed it all out :)
    It looks really lovely.
    I LOVE your picks to, I lovee the country look :)
    Kelly from :)

  2. Those boots are perfect and how adorable is that gif! :) Loved the coat you are wearing!

    Have a great day

    That Sassy Girl

  3. The boots look so classy! I wish I had a dog; would love to take care of it and go for walks... Hopefully at some point in my life this wish will come true.

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