Thursday, 31 October 2013

Tick Tock.

If there's one thing I'm desperate for it's a watch. I rely far too much on my iphone for the time and I'm often stuck if the battery has died. When I was younger I had a Forever Friends watch which I treasured (Do you remember the Forever Friends bears - so cute!). I've decided to put one on my Christmas list - I've got small wrists so I need one which is fairly slim and has a small face. I've found some beautiful Calvin Klein watches from Watch Warehouse. I've narrowed it down to  my favourites.

I really like the colour of this watch and the texture of the strap. 

The strap and shape of this watch are really unusual! I don't think I've ever seen one like it.

I love the thin strap of this watch and the face is really simple yet pretty.

Mr Jones Watches also makes some really cool designs...

It's really cool how the boat and hot air balloon move around the watch. Only a small number of them are  made and they sell out pretty fast!

I think I'm leaning towards the first one. Which one is your favourite? 

*collaborative post