Thursday, 15 August 2013


I wrote this post agggges ago but forgot to hit 'publish' but better late than never hey?

Warning: Contains a photograph of a males bottom (and some strategically placed stars added by myself)!

Prank or PR stunt?

I'm sure most of you heard about the streaker at the D&G Men's Collection catwalk show in Milan and I was wondering if you thought it was a prank by the streaker himself or a PR stunt brainstormed by D&G? 

If it was the latter, it worked wonders, making headlines and spreading across social networking sites like wildfire. It definitely put the spotlight firmly on this brand and may have taken the attention away from other designers who had worked so hard designing their collections. I even noticed that Stefano Gabbana published a picture on his Instagram and later deleted it. Personally, I saw the funny side, but if it was a PR stunt, do you think it's just a bit of fun or a step too far? Is all fair in love and war?


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  2. i think that is step too far!, it is too much and it didn't did a good job to this men's collection.

    by the way, hav an amazing weekend sophie!

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