Friday, 15 March 2013

Comic Relief

Hey everyone,

As I'm sure any readers in the UK will know, today is Comic Relief (a day to raise funds for charity - particularly for causes in Africa) and I've been thinking just how lucky I am. I  sometimes worry about little things when there are people with much bigger problems in the world.

I actually heard a 13 year old say that he was annoyed that Comic Relief was on TV all night and he couldn't watch the programmes he usually viewed on a Friday night. I reminded him that there are children in Africa who have never even seen a TV and what they worry about is not being able to eat or get drinking water - and surely he could survive without TV for one night. I told him to watch Comic Relief to see what I meant, but it was like talking to a brick wall.

Anyways, I usually buy a comic relief t-shirt...this is my William Shakespeare version designed by Vivienne Westwood and I shall be buying The Beatles designed by Stella McCartney one from TKMaxx (here's the link). The money is donated to the charity.

Happy Friday and I'm sure like me, you'll be laughing and crying tonight. 


  1. Amazing post! Have a nice weekend:)

  2. Ah I loove your tshirt, even better that it goes to such a great cause!xx

  3. wish i could have watched the program! love the shirt, great cause.


  4. Haha, very nice tee shirt <3

  5. Hey sophie!, i really like this type of shirts and especially what you wore when you took the pics!, the print is sooo cute and funny!.
    i hope you had a wonderful weekend and now for tomorrow: heve a great week!

  6. That 13 year old sounds horrible, I despair sometimes - when Titanic was re-released in the cinema last year there were some around 13 year olds in our showing who kept laughing when the ship was going down and the woman was reading to her children and the old couple were lying together waiting to die and I just couldn't believe it, given that it's obviously based on real events. I realise it makes me sound like an 80 year old but I have no idea what's changed since I was 13 and 13 year olds now - and I'm only 21, so it's not that many years for how much they do seem to have changed!

  7. ahhh such a cute shirt love

  8. Cool tee! I know Comic Relief from the time when I used to live in the UK. Great cause!


  9. You are beautiful!
    I love your tee <3
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  11. so cute!

  12. So cute! I didn't see this tee, I saw the others. I love your little puppy in the corner too! If I was that small I would demand that I was carried everywhere too!

    E x